San Francisco's St. Francis Wood by Richard Brandi

San Francisco's St. Francis Wood
Written by Richard Brandi, photography by Mark Citret
$75 + $8 shipping/handling - 303pg, 12" x 12", color, illustrated

On heavily-forested land remote from downtown San Francisco, the Mason-McDuffie Company sought in 1912 to create a residence park that embodied the highest ideals of early twentieth century landscaping and architecture. Laid out by the Olmsted Brothers, St. Francis Wood attracted some of the Bay Area's most accomplished architects including John Galen Howard, Louis Christian Mullgardt, Henry Gutterson, Gertrude Comfort, Masten and Hurd, and Julia Morgan. The 300-page, full color book tells the history of one of the country's most successful examples of a City Beautiful "garden suburb" through historical images and stunning photographs.

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Ingleside Terraces by Woody LaBounty

Ingleside Terraces: San Francisco Racetrack to Residence Park
by Woody LaBounty
$40 + $5 shipping/handling. 160 pages, 8 inches by 10.5 inches, hardcover

A giant sundial dedicated by fairies, bookies, horse-breeding capitalists, some of the state's first automobile races (and crashes), and a city official who discovered a cross burned on his front lawn are all part of the story of Ingleside Terraces, a unique San Francisco "residence park" with a racetrack past.

In this richly illustrated, 160-page hardcover book Woody LaBounty again unearths colorful, complex, and fascinating stories beneath the quiet streets of a San Francisco neighborhood.


Carville-by-the-Sea by Woody LaBounty

by Woody LaBounty
$35 + $5 shipping/handling 144 color pages, 8 inches by 10.5 inches, hardcover

Carville-by-the-Sea: San Francisco's Streetcar Suburb, a new book by Woody LaBounty, vividly recalls one of the quirkiest communities in San Francisco's rich history. A bohemian settlement erupted at the beach as writers, judges, and lady bicyclists arranged, combined, and even stacked old transit cars to create "Carville-by-the-Sea." This hardcover book contains 144 full-color pages with extensive footnotes. The lush design recalls an antique scrapbook with hundreds of rare images from libraries, archives and private collections.

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